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Many years ago, my mom told me that I saved her life by moving her from her home to a senior residence. My mother was freed from housekeeping, meal preparation and driving obligations, and able to enjoy a comfortable, safe and active lifestyle again.

In life we make many strategic moves for ourselves and our family, none more important than elder care. A Home That Cares comes from the idea that at critical junctures, knowledge is key in making the BEST choice.

- Bonnie Davis, Elder Care Advisor

Before starting A Home That Cares, Bonnie was the top eldercare advisor in the country for the nation’s largest senior referral company. She received more referrals from professionals and colleagues in her field than any other advisor.

Bonnie has assisted over one thousand families in their search for appropriate care. She is now eager to serve you. 

Bonnie Davis bring years of experience help families through this process with a minimum of anxiety to get the best results. We have assisted over one thousand families by listening carefully, providing information, and discussing options – all with the goal of helping your senior. Our services are free to families because we are compensated by licensed properties and agencies.

We help you find the most appropriate solution, including:

    Independent/Retirement Living
    Assisted Living
    Memory Care Communities
    Residential Board and Care Homes
    Home Care
    Skilled Nursing Care

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Bonnie Davis, Elder Care Advisor
(310) 592-2381
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Disclaimer: We provide information about and referrals to senior housing and care options for seniors and their families (together, “families”). Our role is only to provide information and options that may best meet the stated housing and clinical needs of the senior and family, as well as the budget, location and other preferences described to us in the search. The information we receive about our referrals and that we give to families is believed to be accurate and complete, but we do not warrant or guarantee that the information is accurate and complete. Families are encouraged to make a thorough investigation of the options referred by us, including touring, asking questions of each provider, requesting references, and checking with the licensing authorities regarding the licensing of their choices to ensure they select the facility or care agency that best meets their needs. Families have the sole responsibility to assess which option is best for their senior, based on information they develop. We do not endorse or recommend any facility or agency as it is the consumer’s responsibility to perform their own due diligence in their selection of the appropriate housing or care choice for the person(s) in need. The facilities and agencies which are referred by us are options for consideration only. We can provide general guidelines to help in the selection of a provider and is able to provide the phone number for the Department of Licensing in each county as requested by consumers. Facilities or agencies may be included in our service only if they are appropriately licensed. We do not operate nor have any ownership interest in any of the facilities or agencies to which we refer. In order to provide our services to consumers free of charge, we are reimbursed by the facilities or agencies with which we have a referral agreement. According to our agreement with these facilities and agencies, they may not charge more based on our referral relationship to our referrals than to those not referred by us, and if such an allegation is made and proved, it is grounds for immediate termination of our referral relationship with that facility or agency. By using this website and/or our services, families agree that in the unlikely event of any dispute that may develop between them and any facility or agency, the sole recourse of the senior and the family is against that facility or agency; further, seniors and their families agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claims made against us related in any way to our referrals.  

We can also provide non-reimbursed referrals to community resources such as support groups, elder law attorneys, VA funding advocates, etc., that may help meet the needs of seniors.​
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